Today has been quite an intense day "off" from school, I think the right word for this day should be schedule free, not an off day haha. I did sleep in a little but from lunch and on I've been out and about, going to the bank (again!), grocery shopping, and shopping materials and supplies needed for courses. And I've also found out I have an interview tomorrow with a high profile fashion house for an internship at Paris Fashion week. Eeek!!

And in between all this I read about the refugees being welcomed/not welcomed in Sweden and got super emotional. My grandfather was a refugee during WW2, so if Sweden wouldn't have taken him and his family in I would probably not have been here. They fleed from Estonia and the Russian and German army in a sailing boat across the baltic sea (sound familiar?). I cannot imagine what you have to go through to do such a thing. Anyways, my crying won't help but my donations and standing up for helping those in need would.

And to end on a positive note I saw I was added in PCA's monthly newsletter as a new student blogging about my first day at the school. Maybe there will be some new faces here, you are much welcome 🙂 here are some pics from my day of errands on town. (The decor in the Opera area, wowie!) Good night y'all!