if you never try, you will never know

Hello Monday! I must say this Monday was a little harder than usual. Since I started studying again Mondays have really not been a problem because I am ruling my own schedule. But today my throat was sore, my body ached and in two days I'm leaving Luxembourg (and Oscar) to fly home. And I'm still waiting for an answer from PCA about my application for this fall. So nervous! But anyways, that was the subject of my monday motivation. I really tried (my best) applying to PCA and whatever the consequences may be at least I had the guts to try. Sometimes you just stop at the "I would like to do this" and not doing it, so patting myself on the back for at least giving it a shot!

But it would be just terrific if I could have a positive answer right now, thank you very much 😉

Will do a post about the past weekend and Luxembourg today, keep an eye out!