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Fave beauty products

Hej söndag! Hoppas ni har en skön helg, jag har just mumsat i mig en avokadobagel à la Bob's juicebar och ska nu gräva ner mig i projekten som ska in i morgon. Jag har inte glömt veckans modeskisser, det är dom jag ska klara av nu först så titta gärna in ikväll så får ni se veckans modealster, med en manlig touch!

Så länge tänkte jag bjussa på mina beautyfavoriter just nu. Jag tänkte liksom skicka facklan vidare då i alla fall två av produkterna nedan tipsades om i andra bloggar. Och de har gjort min beautyrutin mycket bättre så kanske ni gillar dom också! Here goes.

Hi Sunday! Hope you're having a nice weekend, I just ate a yummy breakfast bagel à la Bob's Juicebar and am about to start up the school work. I have not forgot this week's fashion drawings, they will come up later today so please come back tonight to check them out 😉 They'll have a male touch this time.

In the meantime I thought I'd share my fave beauty products at the moment. I'm passing it on, since some of the products were found on other blogs and now I love them, so maybe you'll do the same! Here goes:


1. H&M beautys eye shadow palette "Smoky nudes" - perfekt för brunögda för liten peng!

2. Nuxe rêve de miel Lip balm - my winter savior, bättre än alla läppsyl i världen.

3. MAC lightscapade highlighter. Tips från bästa Vanja, gör en pigg på sekunden och highlightar precis perfekt mycket.

4. YSL Black opium - mmm varvar mellan denna och min trogna Flowerbomb. Gillar du flowerbomb så gillar du denna!

5. Apoliva förlängande mascara - om man har ordentliga problem med känsliga ögon är det här en mycket bra mascara som dessutom förlänger fint.

6. & Other stories hand cream - älskar alla dofter. Just nu Moroccan Tea.


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Monday pepp & tips

Monday is here! Last day of November is also here and we're heading into December and full on Christmas galore. So excited! But this month can be quite exhausting (deadlines at work/school before holidays are growing closer!) so maybe right now we should make sure to back up some energy and find some pick-yous-up when there's no fuel left? Here are a few tips and a lil Monday pepp!

Sleeping - The 4-7-8 breathing technique

sleep_tightGood sleep is the number 1 condition for a good health. Byrdie.com spelled the beans on a breathing technique that is supposed to make you fall asleep under 1 minute. I have troubles from time to time with falling asleep at night so I'm gonna try this method out for sure! 

Get more effective

Most people have a lot to clear off work wise before heading off to holiday heaven. I found this article about effectiveness in meetings taught by Steve Jobs (well actually, more by observing a young Steve Jobs in the 80s). Quite interesting and useful!

Treat yoself!


I always think it's important to take care of oneself (you're the only one you got!) but I seem to forget it from time to time. Now, when there's less daylight and colder temps than usual, is really the time to treat yourself and your bodily temple (Yes, a very yogi term). In my case that means frolicking around in Monoprix beauty department, indulging in a product or two. I found a lipbalm from Nuxe - rêve de miel lip with honey to protect my lips from the cold (it's so much cheaper here in France, woop) and a glittery nail polish from Mavala. Picks me up in an instant!

Relax with a feel good movie - Belle

belle_the_movieDon't forget to relax! My favorite is watching a feel good movie in bed, with candles lit and maybe a little bit of Swedish candy. I'm a sucker for costume dramas and when I saw one of my fave bloggers Kimberley Gordon from Wildfox recommending this movie I had to see it. I was not disappointed!

Hope you have a nice first week of December!


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