Came home late last night from our weekend in London filled with shopping, eating and inspiration. We were very happy with our time there and how well everything turned out. The food was great, the hotel was great and the weather was great-ER. Happy days.

Then I went to bed and started catching up with Twitter. Read horrific testimonials from the Garissa massacre. Read about sexual child abuse which made me want to puke. And so on, and so forth. And started slipping in to that "the world is an awful place" deep black hole. As a natural consequence I started feeling guilty about my blissful weekend and all the privilege I have as a white woman in a secular and educated country. And it is of course important  to remember how lucky you are. But also important to not stay in that depressing hole (I could be there for days) and actually put my strength into what I can affect. I will unfortunately not be able to join the Médecins sans frontières or the Red cross, I really don't have a heart that would stand all that pain included in such jobs. But I can lift people up with inspiration. When the day to day life is a little too heavy, one can always dream about a little glamour. Or get an injection of fashion or beauty that could be totally mundane but works as a distracter from all the pain, violence and death. Or be a reaction to and against it. And I hope that my quest to remind the fashion industry to form fashion into something more humane will actually do some good. So today's Monday motivational quote is an extension of this. nicepeople


Let's increase the number of nice people in this world, shall we.