When Oscar was back in Gothenburg last week we made sure to visit one of our favorite restaurants, The Barn. It's a mix between Sweden and America and focuses on hamburgers, which we love. They are quite possibly the best burgers I've had even though I'm not a burger connoisseur. But so far they do very well in competition with Umami burgers and Shake Shack in NY and Flippin Burgers in Stockholm which I have tried and are said to be up there fighting for that place no 1. thebarn_tablesettingThe setting is very cozy at The Barn, (it is in fact a demolished barn redone) and genuine.Thebarn_dill_chipsLovely chips with a dill mayonnaise to start with.thebarn_sötpotatisA little blurry picture of the burgers. I ate a Grisen (The pig=bacon) with cheese on it but actually prefer it without. The sweet potato fries with truffle mayo is compulsory and delicious.

dubbelprästenOscar can sometimes manage to eat a dubbel cheeseburger Prästen (called The Priest after a cheese named Priest cheese) and two sweet potato fries. I don't know how he does it.

thebarn_partyStraaaight into the food coma. The Barn in Gothenburg is an absolute must for a burger lover visiting! For more tips about restaurants in Gothenburg worth visiting, take a look at the newly started blog Bukfyllan (in Swedish), it looks promising!