Adventure post time! After spending practically all of my time in the studio at PCA the past weeks I was thirsty for some French culture and a feast for the eyes. So this past Thursday me and my friend Megan went out to the royal castle Versailles that lies approximately 45 min southwest of Paris. I don't think there is anything more French, or feastful, for that matter. I had never been there before and was of course blown away by the extravagance and lavishness. It is hard coming home from there without being incredibly inspired, and I took so many pictures my memory card got full and the camera thought it was sleepy time. Here are some of the pics from the interior of the castle.

gates_versallesIt took a few hundred years to build it and the many Louis kings all chipped in (Louis XIV the most) and they apparently liked the gold. versailles_courtyard_gold  Versailles, Hall of MirrorsThe castle's very own chapel. Versailles, Hall of MirrorsMe in front of the doors. See how huge they are? Versailles, Hall of MirrorsThe king's chamber. Versailles, Hall of MirrorsThe Hall of mirrors. I want to go to a ball here, can I pretty please? Versailles, Hall of MirrorsImagine what this chandelier has seen... Versailles interiorThe Queen's bedroom. Versailles interiorI bet this took a few years to finish. Versailles interiorThe gallery. VersaillesVersaillesThe magnificent garden, in fall colors.

You can see more of the pictures on my Flickr account here.

As you can understand a lot of the fashion houses and designers have been inspired by this environment. I hope you haven't missed Dior's latest campaign shot at Versailles with no one less than Rihanna as leading lady. With that last dose of OTT glamour I'm wishing you a nice Sunday evening!