As you might know, I hopped on a train to Luxemburg this Friday and landed in L-town around 22.00 (I've been told this is called army time, 10 pm to be sure) and we watched Swedish telly and had crisps and wine for dinner. Insert heart eye emoji. And then on Saturday we took a stroll on around town - it was the first weekend with a Christmas market in the city centre!Weekend in LuxemburgMe and ol Santa laughing at a very funny joke.Weekend in Luxemburg

Weekend in LuxemburgThey had all kinds of goodies, waffles, marsipan, chestnuts.Weekend in Luxemburg

Weekend in LuxemburgWe tried a German sausage. The bread was huuuuge.Weekend in LuxemburgOscar checking out the gingerbread hearts & muffin-ish desserts. Weekend in LuxemburgHe also bought these pretty candle stick holders and H&M home (yes they have one in Luxemburg,  but in Gothenburg we do not 🙁 ). Matched very well with the table and sofa.Weekend in LuxemburgWe're kinda rookies in the kitchen but together we unite and become one whole ass (instead of half assed) cook and occasionally whip up yummy stuff like this saffron & tomato fish soup. Weekend in LuxemburgOr these kinds of breakfast. Bagels with avocado and lemon juice sprinkled on top. SOooooooo goooooood. Try it!

Now I'm rested and ready for a full week, first a lot of projects that need to be worked on in class and then I will have family visiting. Woop woop! Hope you had a great weekend too!