So about a month ago my favorite fashion blog (and online destination for general life advice) Manrepeller announced a competition in collaboration with H&M and Bloglovin. They wanted to find the breakout fashion blogger of the year and every fashion blogger was invited to participate. I felt a bit like Cinderella, lamenting to my make belief mouse friends that I really, really wanted to go to the ball - even though I'm not really a classic fashion blogger with daily outfits and such. But I AM passionate about fashion and this blog is here because I wanted to talk about fashion in a different way - from behind the scenes! From my point of view; about creating fashion and through interviews with my colleagues and you guys enlighten the fact that it is an artform, yes it is even a science and should HAVE that recognition...

So here goes! This is my entry to the ball, and even though I probably won't get to dance with the prince (Leandra) I am actually proud of myself for talking about this mission I am on out loud with you guys. Hope you like the outfit!

manrepeller_rosa_kjolTop: H&M Trend, Skirt: my design, Shoes: Pierre Hardy, Mannequin: Stockman Paris

Ps: I've said it before but I have to say it again. Fashion bloggers taking their own portraits with the self timer: I ADMIRE YOU! The behind the scenes pics from the above shoot would have been hilarious! 😀