Wednesday done! Wednesdays are the most theoretical days for me in school with Topics in Fashion history as first class and the Pattern drafting for 5(!) hours in the afternoon. They will be challenging, as I am not very good and not super passionate about either. Both are very needed though to become a better designer (gotta know who came up with draping to know the context fashion is in! Gotta know how to make patterns from scratch!) so I will really try to do my best.

But on a more luxurious note, (I have promised myself to blog about all the eating this past weekend) here comes the second part of the eating out post. Oscar had arranged a table for two for lunch at Hôtel Costes! Such a lovely surprise. I have only read about it in glossy magazines so it was a real treat to actually go there. Here are some pictures from the patio we're we sat.

drinks_costes_hotel lunch_costes_paris

 It's a very lovely place with beautiful surroundings where you can people watch to the max, but the staff and service was quite the opposite. So bad! The girl that showed us to the table just waved a little with her hand and flopped the menus on the table (she almost missed it) and the girl that served us poured a quarter of the very overpriced fizzy water on the table when she was serving me. Not as much as a word, and no new napkin (mine was drenched). I also had to ask for my drink (a lovely jug of Pimm's) another time and the food came after 50 minutes. The waitress claimed it was a very hard to put together dish (umm, a cold sandwich...), but the couple next to us got theirs 20 minutes before us and they arrived later than us.

Yes, you might think I'm being picky and all right now, but shouldn't I be? It's a super fancy hotel and I always have expectations and they are certainly raised when you enter a place like this. Anyways, the food was good and the overall experience very nice.

After that we walked, walked, walked and then walked a little bit more. And booked a table for the evening at L'atelier Saint Georges. Hamburgers! We usually try at least one hamburger when we travel and since this weekend had quite the vacay feel we didn't want to miss out. The restaurant is situated close to where I live, in South Pigalle which is kind of an up and coming area. There are lots of nice restaurants there and the streets are very cozy. For instance, you have the hotel Amour here, which some friends stayed at and recommended for the nice ambiance in the area. Anyways, to the burgers. They were very French burgers. I had one with blue cheese and Oscar had one with goose liver. Very interesting tastes! I would prefer Oscar's over mine, and it was that one who had gotten a 5 star in the burger blog of Paris that I found before heading there. The fries where nice too, and the staff friendly (a bit stressed) and the decor very nice and a little bit hipster. (It was also VERY warm in there, dress appropriately!)

P1030818 P1030816 P1030813 P1030811

After that we headed down to Avenue George V to meet up with some fellow Swedes at a new restaurant/club called Yeeels for a drink. A nice way to end the night!

P1030823 P1030822