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Couture craftmanship: feather work

Yesterday we started working on feathers in the Couture craftmanship class, an artisan work that has almost been forgotten. In the beginning of the 20th century there was around 800 plumasseries (feather ateliers) in Paris but now only a handful remains. The house of Chanel has since the 90s embarked on a journey of saving the artisans' craftmanship by buying the small ateliers so they can remain financially stable. 

My music lace project with the feathers I bought for this class. Love the pale blue/grey one. Will be interesting to see what everyone can come up with!

If you would want to work in a plumasserie you would first have to do 2-4 years of apprentice ship to acquire all the skills needed to be an artisan in feathers. It's a magical world! Here's a video with one of the few remaining artisans Nelly Saunier who's worked in the field since she was a teenager.

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Haute couture iphone

This morning we had a midterm critique for our Couture Craftmanship class project "Sensations" which will be sent in to the lace contest La fédération de la Dentelle et de la Broderie arranges next year. I had two ideas and one of them was a haute couture iphone cover and I wanted to show it to you.



Inspiration pictures from Alexander McQueen Couture collection Fall 2013
Couture Craftmanship - Haute Couture iphoneThe theme was "Sensations", which can be interpreted as the five senses and the reactions we have from them. I thought about our everyday life and that a lot of our sensations and impressions come from the smartphone and what happens on the screen.

Couture Craftmanship - Haute Couture iphoneI wanted to make a packaging for the iphone more beautiful and saw a gap in the couturiers collections. They do fantastic creations in clothes and bags but I haven't found a couturier phone. Couture Craftmanship - Haute Couture iphoneIn this class we've done a lot of experiments with lace and foil, resin and silicone finishes which is very interesting.Couture Craftmanship - Haute Couture iphoneIt may look tiny but many many hours goes into a small embroidery like this. BUT! This couture iphone idea was actually not very much liked by the jury. Sometimes a good idea isn't good enough. So I will continue with my other idea of the music and I will show you the results when the project is due. It's a hard knock life in the fashion industry 😉

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Paris College of Art – Couture craftsmanship

I wanted to show you what's going on in my class called Couture Craftmanship here at PCA. It's one of my favorite classes and very experimental.

Today we are bringing in our research file and inspiration for the contest we are doing together with the French federation of Lace and Embroidery. Lace is a very big thing here in France and there are a few Lace couturiers here in Paris that only work with lace. The theme for this years contest is Sensations. There are three categories to chose to compete in; fashion, art and product design. I have two different ideas, one about a lace candle and the second one about lace in music. Here's my mood board.


It's a lovely theme and I will update you on the progression of my products. Check out this site with even more inspiration about textiles!