Heyyy Saturday. You're not as foxy as usual. My neighbor had a party until 5 am this morning and I'm now on my way to school. 🙁 But only three more days to go now. I thought I could show you some more of what I've done in Digital fashion studio the last couple of weeks.

We had an bag project where the brief instruction was to design our own bag, think up a story around it, the technical drawings and colors and then also do a photoshoot for it. This is how mine turned out.


My campaign photo, imagined in a glossy fashion magazine. Sister helped med take this photo. Thanks sis!



The mood, quite glam and party focused. Was inspired by the mirror art that is popping up here and there within interior design and by precious stone shapes.





Materials. The bag would look really nice in black leather or mirrored plexiglass *heart emojis*. Anyone who wants to sponsor a bag startup? 😀




My first sketches and the first try out, made from an origami base.



I wanted to make a clutch in a different shape, something that would be a conversation starter and I feel I succeeded with that. I like how it turned out, I still need to add a colorway to that board and finish the technical specs. Accessory design is really fun and I'm going to take a course in that next semester, maybe I can make this bag come true 🙂