It's Friday, but in my world right now it is not a matter of tgif, it's more like wtf - is it Friday before finals already?!? 12 h shifts in school have been the method this week and let's not talk about how the weekend will look like (work, a lot of work).

But, on a positive note (cus that's all that matters) you get a pretty good overlook of all the things you've learned this semester. And it's a whole lot in my case. Yesterday I sat All day with my sketching portfolio, and although I'm not gonna be Da Vinci any time soon I'm pretty impressed myself with my learning curve.

We've covered the basics in sketching, such as drawing correct postures, faces, hands and feet, pleats, checks and stripes and so on. We've also done a few portraits "in the style of" different artists.

IMG_9012.JPGThe necesseties right now, vitamine C en masse and a podcast (Josefin&Vanja on repeat, or bloggbusiness). IMG_9013.JPGA portrait in the style of artist Julian Opie.  

From Viktor & Rolf's "The shirt collection". 

Anyways, off to work om today's subject, draping shirts!