Happy Lucia! The 13th of December is Luciadagen in Sweden, which means we celebrate an old saint that sacrificed herself for some reason. Yeah, I really don't remember it, but it's one of my favorite parts about Christmas and when I found out that the Swedish church in Paris would hold an event with a Luciatåg (choir of people dressed in white night gowns, holding a candle in their hand and having tinsel in their hair) I got a ticket straight away.

Swedes may be extremely secularized but is it something we love it's Lucia and listening to old Christmas songs. It's SO cozy!Lucia in ParisI went by the Swedish store, a street away from the Swedish church, and got myself JULMUST, a traditional Christmas beverage. Don't try it, you won't like it, it's a taste you have to get used to (or so I've been told by non Swedes).

Lucia in Paris

 We sat down in the church benches and awaited Lucia and the gang.

Lucia in ParisSo beautiful I shed a tear (true).

Lucia in ParisBig Lucia and a small kids lucia as well. So cute.

Lucia in ParisAaah, feeling festive now!! It gave me a lil more energy to continue with finals. Only 1,5 more days! 🙂