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Måndagspepp & Monday tips links

Herregud vad det var svårt att somna igår och därmed svårt att komma upp idag, något som tyvärr inte gjorde denna måndag av måndagar bättre. Såg en tweet om att idag och måndagen efter semestern är de värsta måndagarna av alla, och visst känns det lite så. Så här behövs mycket måndagspepp!

Dear me, I had severe insomnia last night and getting up today was not an easy task. This Monday of Mondays (Monday of Mondays occurs twice a year, one after Christmas break and one after vacation is over) really demands a lot of Monday tips links to survive!


Prep for the week

Inspirationssajten WhoWhatWear delar med sig av två olika tips på temat att förbereda sig inför veckan. Förberedelserna startar redan på söndagkvällen. Förberedelser är A och O enligt dom och här ger de tips på hur du effektiviserar din tid du lägger på att göra dig i ordning på morgonen.

I rounded up two different tips from WhoWhatWear on how to prep for your week on Sundays and how to get as efficient as possible in mornings. Prepping is key!

How to work out in the morning

Ett av mina mål för 2016 är att jag vill träna mer. Helst vill jag träna på morgonen, då det är störst chans för att det blir av och då det förhoppningsvis är färre som tränar i morgontrötta Paris. Quartz ger 5 tips på hur man får det att gå ihop.

One of my goals for 2016 is to work out more. I would love to do it in the morning, there's a bigger chance it will actually be done if I do it in the morning and hopefully gyms are not that crowded in the morning in the city of sleep in (aka Paris). Quartz gives us a few tips on how to make it work.

A text about anxiety

Jag läste denna text för de som har en anhörig som lider av ångest och tyckte att den var förbaskat bra, trots stavfel och uppenbar copy paste från någon annan källa. Kanske inte så peppigt att skriva om ångest tänker ni nu, men för de som lider av ångest (inkluderat undertecknad) är såna här tips guld värda. Tipstack till Deeped.

I read an article with tips for people who have friends or relatives who suffer from anxiety, unfortunately I only have it in Swedish. =/ 

Make the New Year's resolutions come true

Nu börjar ju vardagen på riktigt, vi ska in i rutinerna och förhoppningsvis alla bli människor 2.0 på studs - inga problem va? Om man är lite fundersam över hur det ska gå till i praktiken har bloglovin samlat fem guider över hur man får mål att bli verklighet. You can do it!

Ok, so you made your resolutions and now it's time to start working on them. But how? If you want a few tips on how to make your goals come true Bloglovin rounded up five guides on just that theme. Yeah, we can do it!


Det var denna veckas tipsmåndag, hoppas ni hittade något ni gillade! / That was everything for this week's Monday tips, hope you enjoyed it 🙂

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Monday Pepp & Tips – Christmas edition!

Last Monday before Christmas, and I think everyone is more ready than ever to go on Christmas break huh? I don't think we need any pepp to get through this very short work week, but maybe a few tips about the Christmas chores that are on our shoulders? So I collected a few links with a Cristmassy theme, here you go!


Gift help - why not give an experience?

If you're stuck with what to give to that person who has everything, or that person who's on a sabbatical year/month/week from consumer society, why not give away an experience? Mydomainhome listed a few here, but I would like to add tickets to concerts or festivals - when in doubt, go for a concert - the tickets I once got on Christmas to my first Bruce Springsteen concert made me cry.

summerburst_festivalFrom Summerburst festival in Gothenburg

App - Spotify Party

Just in time for the holiday bashes Spotify released its second app (first one was Spotify running), tailored to parties. Spotify Party is based on the idea that there are different moods to different kinds of parties and its easily adjustable with the mood tuner. The playlists are done by DJ:s and made seamless, and there's one for every occasion. I'm so ready to try this out! Spotify got the help of the DJ Diplo to push for it, he has put some exclusive material in the app.

How to accessorize for the parties? Take note from Iris Apfel

Whowhatwear put up a couple of inspiring pics of the Accessory queen herself, Iris, to be inspired by for the Christmas party outfit. I just think she's the coolest lady ever, and if you haven't seen her documentary yet, DO IT.


Christmas food hacks

Christmas is not complete without eating a lot of Christmassy food and Buzzfeed put together 38 of them in a list right here. This hot chocolate big batch in a crockpot from howsweeteats looks divine!



Any other Christmassy tips you think is worth sharing? 🙂


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Monday pepp & tips links

Monday has graced us with its presence, or maybe not graced us, maybe more slapped us in the face with a cold fish and now we need some pick me up tips to get this thing called life going, am I right??

As I might have mentioned a couple of (thousand) times I have my final critique tomorrow, which means I am going to present all of my work I've done during this term to the whole fashion faculty. The teachers here at PCA aint any teachers, they're extremely talented people who've worked at places like Dior, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Louis Vuitton, Céline, and so on and so forth. So this post is well needed for me too!

Here are this week's happy thoughts, from changing how you think to become happier and how to land that dream job in fashion!

Think happy

If you think you are happy, you become happy. It's (almost) as easy as that! Quartz shared the concept (backed up by science) here!

Crafting helps

If you're a person who suffers from anxiety or depression, crafting might help you to cope with everyday life. Buzzfeed asked their readers what they have crafted due to mental illness, and it's pretty darn great. Take that anxiety and make a pillow case out of it!



Happy bingewatching

Bustle shares 9 Netflix documentaries to watch if you're feeling down and out. I put a few of the down on my must watch list!




Getting that dream job

Who what wear spills the beans on how to land a job in fashion. It's focused on the states but can work internationally. I can vouch for a few of them tips too.


Last but not least, puppies in santa hats!!! Because doggies make everything better.