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Birthday drinks and new shoes

After class last night we went out to celebrate Phoebe's 22nd birthday. Everyone knows that all work and no play makes you a very dull horse (or something, it's a proverb for "you need to have some fun too") so I put on my new sparkling shoes (from New Look), my fake fur and bling earrings and to the restaurant I went. I have lovely class mates and will miss them when a lot of them leave Paris in a few weeks.
Saturday drafting class & birthday drinks

Saturday drafting class & birthday drinksCan't wait to see where all these talented people end up!

Saturday drafting class & birthday drinks

Saturday drafting class & birthday drinksI am clearly no longer 22 so when the others headed out to Belleville for more party me and my glittery shoes went home to watch series and eat candy in bed. Saturday drafting class & birthday drinksThose shoes tho. Love em!

Today I've been at the studio for another couple of hours, the school has kindly enough given us access to it on Sundays too prior to finals. I've heard they actually have to pay some fee for that, I don't know if that's true or not. The French and their holy Sundays, everything is usually closed and silent on Sundays. But now I'm home and enjoying a little bit more of that Swedish candy (thanks mom & sis!) and a Swedish fashion mag. Missing home a little right now. With that I'm wishing you a happy 2nd of Advent!

Saturday drafting class & birthday drinks

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Shoe envy: Jonak x Wear Lemonade

I a typical Swede when it comes to dressing myself. I am quite simple in my taste and I rather go for the minimalism clothing and classic garments - maybe someone would even say I'm a tad boring from time to time. But there are a few areas where I don't mind going a little bit crazy, one of them being SHOES. When I stumbled upon this French brand Jonak's latest collab with brand/blogger Make my lemonade I was mesmerized. (Piiiiink and glittering shooooooeeeesss omg.)



pauline_darley1The boots might be a lil homage to Saint Laurent - but they're more than half the price. Give 'em to me!


The awesome sauce pictures shot by Pauline Darley.