Today is Armistice day here in France which means day off. Woop! After checking my health status (ok, but feeling that tiny soreness in the throat that can develop to a full on tonsillitis) I decided to do nothing but boring things today. Stay in and catch up on the maintenance we all need to do once in a while. When you move to a new country the administration in life seem to add up and it also takes a WHOLE lotta more time because enter new language (French is quite complicated to begin with when only wanting to order a sandwich.) Hence: Today I got organized.

Hoffice of the day

I got the tip a while back ago (thank you Oscar) about a task management method where you list all the things that you need to do and the one thing that is the most stressful you do first. Straight away, first thing in the day and then you can relax a little bit more. And then you just continue down the list. And as a list writing person from the age of 5 this little trick hasn't been obvious to me. I usually dread that phone call or writing those emails and tend to worry about them longer than needed. This really works. I've gone through every single boring bit on the pressing to do list, contacting the bank, the mobile phone supplier, the landlord, the French government and so on and so forth. And the RELIEF I feel right now, being on top of things. I even did laundry and put up some pictures and frames on the walls and now I'm going to go through the pictures from grandmas birthday party which have been on the to do list for months.

So from me to you, my best stress relief tip:

  • Designate a time when you will administrate. Nothing can come in the way of this time!
  • Write down the to dos, start with the most pressing one and feel the stress float away from you as you can check off the things on the list.
  • While you do this, place the phone and all social medias faaaar away from you. And get shit done much quicker.

Hoffice of the day

Getting organized is so much more fun when you do it in pink. I got a early christmas gift this weekend: a laptop case from Smythson with my initials on it! Finally my dear macbook has a home. Very chic one too. I also bought a pretty notebook for all my blogging ideas, because pretty stationary makes the world brighter. And after reading Linda's post where she mentioned bullet journals I'm curious about starting that too and just had to buy som golden washi tape. (And also because: washi tape!!! J'adore.)

Do you have any golden tips about getting organized? 🙂