I might be a little damaged from working in the fashion industry but the last couple of weeks I've been scouring the stores for christmas party dresses. I'm not even sure I have a christmas party to attend (Uni has one, might have to go there) but a christmas party dress is a MUST! I really love dressing up and this fall it's been way too little of that. Someone invite me to a red carpet event asap, svp. 😉

This year a lot of brands seem to have fallen for the velvet curse. I quite like it, as long as it's not crushed velvet and/or cheap velvet. Cheap velvet can be quite expensive too so you really have to see it in real life first. Here are some lovely dresses found at Net-a-porter, pretty sure the quality is ok here though.

 Chloé, Victoria Beckham, Chloé & Sonia Rykiel

But what if you can't afford a 1k€ dress from Chloé? Fear not, we have Zara (of course!). And H&M, and Nelly and god know who's not jumped on the velvet dress wagon. Some faves of mine:


Zara, Nelly, Zara, H&M

My absolute favorite one is the first slip dress, the lace makes it even more sensual. I'd style it with a fur coat, dark plum lip, simple gold jewelry and booties for a grunge look and away to the party I go!

grunge_stylingHave you found your Christmas party dress? 🙂