It's Thursday and time for a new breakfast in Paris! Me and Andrea keep on trying the breakfasts around Paris to let you know which one is the best. This time it was up to me to recommend a place and I had walked by a newly opened place called Pain pain here in Montmartre a few times looking very cozy and inviting with gold letters on the windows.

meillure_baguette_de_paris_painpainPainpain is a patisserie/boulangerie that is well known for having the best baguettes in Paris - they even got a prize for it in 2012!  andrea_painpain_petitdejMy Petit dej companion sitting in the window sofa. Very snuggly interior. pain_pain_paris

Since it is more of a bakery than a café they did not have that much of a breakfast menu. So this time we just had a very French breakfast. Juice and pain au chocolat for Andrea and a delicious corn bagel and almond patisserie for me. It was very savory!
painpain_patisseriesYuuuummm. I would rather recommend this place for buying the bread and pastries for making your fantastic breakfast at home than going there to eat - which is something I am sure they could improve on (having a little bit more of ready made sandwiches) and benefit from. But now I know where to buy my baguette at least! 🙂