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Off to London


On our way, time to board the flight to London. See you soon Union Jack! 

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The balcony

Ta daa! The big balcony and rosé wine premiere was a hit! The two attendees were extremely happy. Felt like summer sitting in the sun until 19.30 before it started getting chilly. Never had a balcony before, it really is awesome.balcony balcony_premierechateau_clapiere_rosewineTried this rosé wine from Provence, it was approved. Very nice.luxbynightThe balcony in the dark with the christmas lights we found in Oscar's stuff. Cozy!

Right now we're packing for London tomorrow. Approx itinerary:

Friday: arrive at noon at Sanderson hotel. Take a stroll over to Grays antiques. Check out the Alexander McQueen exhibition at V&A around 15.00 (so excited!). Stroll around in Kensington. Meet up with Oscar's friend and dinner at London's only one star Michelin pub Harwood Arms at 20.30.

Saturday: Lunch at Burgers & Lobsters. Stroll around in Soho. Maybe watch the annual rowing boat race between Cambridge and Oxford on the river Thames. Dinner at Sketch.

Sunday: Afternoon tea at Brown's hotel. Fly back to Lux at 19.40.

That's the approx one. You never know what happens. Looking forward to it a lot!


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Sketch London

Weekendresan till London börjar falla på plats. Jag har fått biljetter till Savage Beauty och bokat det där bordet i galleriet på Sketch. Älskar som sagt inredningen, rosa och koppar - kan det bli bättre?DSGallery4 DS_gallery_2 DSGallery2 DS_gallery_1

Staff_UniformInredningen görs om med jämna mellanrum. Oscar hade varit här men då såg galleriet annorlunda ut. Toaletterna är dock de samma, med stora vita ägg som man går in in.

The trip to London is starting to form. Managed to get ahold of two tickets to Savage Beauty and book a table at Sketch. Can't wait!


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London baby

Vi bokade en resa till London i april igår. Då vi båda älskar London och tycker att man egentligen bör åka dit minst en gång per år så passar vi på. Speciellt då det är nära och billigt från Luxemburg, där jag kommer att hänga i april. Så en weekend har vi att se fram mot. Och att bo på Sanderson Hotel! Älskar det hotellet, bodde där med jobbet för något år sen. Maxad modern konst i lobbyn men samtidigt en väldigt vit futuristisk inredning i rummen och en cocktailbar to die for. Ett upplevelsehotell helt enkelt.

Vi ska förhoppningsvis få tag på biljetter till Alexander McQueens utställning "Savage Beauty" som går på Victoria & Albert Museum. Har drömt om det sen den gick på The met i New York. Och äta på fantastiska Sketch!



Sist var vi och åt på Circus i Covent Garden, där ingick en lite eery show med cirkusartister i roller som mentalpatienter och rånare. Och god mat och drinkar!

We booked a trip to London in April, since we love London. We are going to stay at Sanderson Hotel, and we're looking forward to a really nice stay. The lobby is covered in modern art and the rooms are white, tranquil and almost futuristic. Stayed there a while ago. We will hopefully also get to see Alexander McQueen's "Savage Beauty" at the V&A, something I've wanted to do since I first read about it in Elle in 2010. And eat at the fantastic place called Sketch! I died when I saw what they had done with the Gallery (they changed the interiors from time to time) I should do a post about it later. Last time in London we wen to Circus, a cool restaurant in Covent garden that has a quite eery show with circus artists in the roles as mental patients and gunmen.