Dags för juli månads intervju med ett nytt ansikte i branschen. Jag älskar att få en inblick i hur andra tänker och arbetar med design och är så himla glad över att få kunna erbjuda er en titt in i det också. Den här månaden intervjuade jag Alina, en ung tjej med passion för hundar och accessoarer. I och med att hon är född i Tyskland, uppfödd på Mallorca och numera bor i Madrid är den här intervjun på engelska. Varsågod!

It's time for our next interview in the series of Fashion Behind the Scenes! I love to get a peek into other peoples creative worlds and to be able to share their passions here. This time I got to speak with Alina, a doglover born in Germany now living in a bustling area in Madrid with a passion for fashion accessories. She recently decided to start up a new brand for like minded dog lovers combining her two passions and shares her inspirations and challenges with us.


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Tell us a little about yourself!

My name is Alina, I’m 23 years old. I’m from Germany but when I was 4 years old my parents decided to move to Spain, to the beautiful island of Mallorca, where I grew up in a lovely house next to the sea with cats and dogs.

My parents, both very creative, have always been an inspiration for me so I knew that I would one day do something related to fashion just like them. When I was 18 years old I decided to move to Madrid where I started a degree in leather manufacturing. After several internships related to fashion accessories I realized that accessories are my passion - so I decided to do a master in accessory design (jewelry, bags and shoes) at the Istituto Europeo de Design in Madrid. Now I live in one of the oldest and most traditional areas of Madrid next to the flee market - which always is a source of inspiration!

Why design dog accessories?

Because I love dogs - I’m a real dogaholic. When I was a little girl I started redecorating the collar of my dog Rosita; she even had to wear a pink pearl necklace. Then I got my own two dogs and I was searching for dog collars with a nice and different design. I began to do dog collars myself. When walking my dogs, people showed lot of interest in my dog collars. After the master in accessory design I decided to start my own project! Dogaholic, a brand for the dog and owner, inspired from the latest fashion trends and 100% handmade.


 Alina in the making of another handmade accessory

Where else do you find your inspiration from?

I find inspiration nearly everywhere, usually I collect or do a little sketch of all the things that inspired me.

Who do you design for?

I design for dog lovers who search for individual and exclusive dog accessories, who value handmade products, where every detail is made with love. A dog and his owner have a special connection, the dog collars also can be used as bracelets to demonstrate this symbolic connection. Dogs are like another family member, you take them with you nearly everywhere, so why not style them with a nice dog collar and leash that fits to your out fit?


 Snapshot from Alina's fabric library

What does your process look like when you design?

First I do a little research of the latest fashion trends. Once chosen the colours and theme of the collection, I gather up all the sketches, notes and ideas that have inspired me. With the collected information I do a little mood board. Then I start sketching and adding details until I get to the final design. One of my challenges is to design functional but stylish dog accessories. When the designs are done I select the materials and start to produce the products. Every single product from Dogaholic is handmade, which means quality and a whole lot of love.


Tell us a little about the themes in your new collections

For this summer I did three collections;

The Tropical Collection, inspired by the tropical rain forests, a wild environment full of life. I used a bold combination of strong coloured leather with different textures and animal prints.

With the pastel coloured leather of the Soft Pop Collection I wanted to transmit peace and serenity to those turbulent times that we are living in our world. The designs show romanticism with a touch of kitsch.

The third collection is the Metallica Collection, inspired by space, with metallic colours, leather with different textures and extravagant effects.

And there’s also the Classic collection, a timeless collection with basic leather colours, classic and simple designs.snake

Which product is your absolute favorite?

My absolute favorite product is the Gold Leash, I really love functional accessories! You can put your keys in the mini purse and attach the leash to the bracelet. It makes life much easier when you walk your dog. A little secret preview for the upcoming winter collection… there will be another functional accessory, focused more on human but with a detail for your dog.


 The black leash with purse and a cool bracelet to clip on the leash.

What’s your greatest tip to those who want to start a brand?

Have a clear idea of what you want and try to be different. It’s not easy to start a brand, it takes a lot of time and you have to be really patient. Never give up!


 You'll find Dogaholic handmade on instagram, facebook and in the webshop!