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La Bergamotte Luxembourg

I fredags tog vi en sväng på stan och kände in afterworkstämningen här i Luxemburg, jag och Oscar. Vi hann testa ett ställe som heter Konrad, med något av en hipsteraura som är sällsynt här i Luxemburg. Personalen pratade engelska med alla och inredningen var en mix av retromöbler. Vi trivdes. Efter det provade vi ett ställe vid namn La Bulle och deras mojitos, men det var mer groggkänsla än något annat. Sedan styrde vi kosan hemåt och svidade om för middag på La Bergamotte i kvarteret med Anna och Kalle. Där slank en trerätters ner för ett mycket överkomligt pris (35€) och maten var mycket god. Dock som alltid en lite annorlunda inredning mot vad skandinaver kanske är vana vid med lila ljus i taket och omysig känsla. Fräsch absolut dock.

We started this weekend with an afterwork tour on the town. First a stop at Konrad, a quite hipster-ish place in a tiny street. The staff spoke English and the decor was a mix of retro furniture. We liked it and the crémant too.After that we tried a place called La bulle (the bubble) and their mojitos, but they were not like the usual mojito. Still good though. And as a grand finale we teamed up with Anna and Kalle for a three course dinner at La Bergamotte Luxembourg with a set price of 35€. Very agreeable. The food was delicious, but the interior is also here some what different from what Scandinavians are used to with purple lightning and rather un cozy feel. Very clean though.

oscar_afterwork_luxemburg Jobbar på att fota Oscar i smyg. Still have to work on snapping pics without being noticed.afterwork_luxemburglabergamotte_luxemburglabergamotte_asperge Sparrisen är alltså inte lila, det är ljuset i lokalen som är lila. Purple lightning reflecting on the asparagus.labergamotte_saumon_creme legere

Jag tog en mycket smaskig lax med gräddfil.labergamott_canetteSjukt god anka med kronärtskocksmos. Lovely Canette with artichoke mousse.

labergamotte_dessertJag tog en ostbricka till efterrätt medan de andra mumsade på denna rabarberglassiga efterrätt. Mycket nöjda rullade vi sedan hem och stensomnade.

I had cheese for dessert but the others took this lovely rhubarb glace. Super full and happy we rolled home, and feel in a food comatose kind of sleep.

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The balcony

Ta daa! The big balcony and rosé wine premiere was a hit! The two attendees were extremely happy. Felt like summer sitting in the sun until 19.30 before it started getting chilly. Never had a balcony before, it really is awesome.balcony balcony_premierechateau_clapiere_rosewineTried this rosé wine from Provence, it was approved. Very nice.luxbynightThe balcony in the dark with the christmas lights we found in Oscar's stuff. Cozy!

Right now we're packing for London tomorrow. Approx itinerary:

Friday: arrive at noon at Sanderson hotel. Take a stroll over to Grays antiques. Check out the Alexander McQueen exhibition at V&A around 15.00 (so excited!). Stroll around in Kensington. Meet up with Oscar's friend and dinner at London's only one star Michelin pub Harwood Arms at 20.30.

Saturday: Lunch at Burgers & Lobsters. Stroll around in Soho. Maybe watch the annual rowing boat race between Cambridge and Oxford on the river Thames. Dinner at Sketch.

Sunday: Afternoon tea at Brown's hotel. Fly back to Lux at 19.40.

That's the approx one. You never know what happens. Looking forward to it a lot!