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Måndagspepp & Tips links

Hej måndag! Efter en helg som denna behövs verkligen en rejäl dos måndagspepp, speciellt eftersom tempot den här veckan ser ut att bli lika högt... Midtermsvecka coming up! Dessutom har jag fått, vad det verkar, mitt första frilansjobb som ska vara klart i slutet av veckan. Vart är min inre superwoman nu då? Får sikta in mig på den lugna helgen som vankas efter fredag, då kommer Oscar hit och det står chillax i fet stil på schemat. Och sluka i mig måndagspeppen och tipsen som kommer här!

Hey Monday! After a looong week and weekend I really need a big dose of pep talk to get back to business. This week's gonna be quite intense too with midterms and my first freelance job (wheyy) due on Thursday. So here goes!

4 meditation tips from a Yogi to calm down in 30 seconds

Jag gillade verkligen den här artikeln om en kille som flyttade från ett retreat i Arizona till New York och höll på att tappa förståndet. Han tog sig upp igen genom att använda sig av de knep han lärt sig på retreatet. Du hittar dem här!

I really liked these 4 tips on how to calm down in 30 seconds, perfect to use them when you're super stressed.

Time management tips

Quartz har sammanställt ett par vassa tips på hur du får så mycket gjort som möjligt genom att foka på din uppmärksamhet istället för din tid. Tänkvärt!

Another good article, this one on how to manage your attention to get as much work done as possible.

A list of things to do when you're sad

Tyckte den här var fin. Spara och skriv ut för en regnig dag!

A list for a rainy day. Save it for a rainy day!



A dog being cute

Det finns nog inget bättre... Ge maj!

There's nothing better... Give it to meee!


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Monday pepp & tips links

Monday has graced us with its presence, or maybe not graced us, maybe more slapped us in the face with a cold fish and now we need some pick me up tips to get this thing called life going, am I right??

As I might have mentioned a couple of (thousand) times I have my final critique tomorrow, which means I am going to present all of my work I've done during this term to the whole fashion faculty. The teachers here at PCA aint any teachers, they're extremely talented people who've worked at places like Dior, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Louis Vuitton, Céline, and so on and so forth. So this post is well needed for me too!

Here are this week's happy thoughts, from changing how you think to become happier and how to land that dream job in fashion!

Think happy

If you think you are happy, you become happy. It's (almost) as easy as that! Quartz shared the concept (backed up by science) here!

Crafting helps

If you're a person who suffers from anxiety or depression, crafting might help you to cope with everyday life. Buzzfeed asked their readers what they have crafted due to mental illness, and it's pretty darn great. Take that anxiety and make a pillow case out of it!



Happy bingewatching

Bustle shares 9 Netflix documentaries to watch if you're feeling down and out. I put a few of the down on my must watch list!




Getting that dream job

Who what wear spills the beans on how to land a job in fashion. It's focused on the states but can work internationally. I can vouch for a few of them tips too.


Last but not least, puppies in santa hats!!! Because doggies make everything better.


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Monday pepp & tips links

Good morning Monday! Another new week is here, and as a matter of fact this year only has four weeks left. How crazy is that! Zooooom said 2015. Let's make the best of the weeks still left in it then. Here are this week's Monday pepp & tips links.

Christmas Cards

'tis the season to write Christmas cards, and on that topic I've found two handy tips (pardon my pun) on hand lettering. Firstly, how to do it by One artsy mama and secondly, how to turn it digital from Lauren. I'm doing mine today.


Color of the year

Last week Pantone announced Color of the year for 2016. This year it's actually two! Rose Quartz and Serenity, pale pastells (yes I like them very much.) Quartz did a very interesting article on the subject with a fun video including my favorite clip from The devil wears Prada.



The tools kids (people) need to succeed in life

I found this list from American Psychological Association on educating children on how to cope with life (especially now after the last month's tragic events over the world). I thought that these tools are equally important for adults who either never go to learn them or forget them from time to time. If you don't have the time to read the article, here's the list on what tools you need to succeed here in life:

Skärmavbild 2015-12-07 kl. 08.33.38 Gratitude

Last but not least, a lil reminder that gratitude makes a whole lotta difference. How happy should we be to be able to wake up to a new week and just go for it?! Let's!


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Monday pepp & tips links

Hello Monday! As we head in to the last week of November it might be a little harder to get up in the morning and everyday life might be a little grey. But fear not! I've rounded up some tips links and Monday pepp to make the November blues bearable (before Christmas prep is officially allowed!).

DIY ideas for the coziest bedroom ever

Apartment therapy rounded up the best DIY tips to make your bedroom supercozy now when the winter is around the corner. Like this tutorial on how to knit a blanket from Stylecookie. Lush!


6 scientifically proven ways to a better day

Upworthy collected 6 tips on how to improve your day, and they're scientifically proven. Can it get more perfect for a Monday?


Ikea hackers bar cart DIY

A neat and beautifully decorated home does a lot for your feeling of zen (at least for me). I saw this quite lovely bar cart from Ikea hackers (yep, you can spend a lot of time on their website, just a kind warning). Getting a little creative helps you relax too!


Behind the scenes with Fashionary

Last but not least, an inspiring story about the man behind Fashionary, the must have sketch book for designers and buyers in the fashion industry. I've written about Fashionary's all perks before if you want a catch up on this favorite of mine. This is how illustrator Connie Lim uses hers, beautiful!



Hope you'll have a better Monday now! 😉




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Monday pepp and tips links

Trying to go back to normal today after this weekend. PCA is open again so it's back to class for me, will be good to see classmates again. And there has never been a Monday more in need of some pepp and som happy links I believe. So here we go!

Louis Vuitton City guides

Louis Vuitton released their famous city guides on itunes as well, 1/3 of the price comparing to the real ones. AND the one about Paris is free! So let's keep on dreaming about Paris and planning that trip here and download the app in itunes now.

screen322x572 (2) screen322x572 (1)

Leave your mark

A book tip for the social media crazy ones (like me), Alizia Licht, former DKNY PR Girl, who created an online persona to sell the DKNY brand spills her tips and secrets to leave your mark, land your dream job and rock social media.


Drivet podcast with Nina Åkestam

Drivet is a new Swedish podcast that focuses on women in their careers. Nina Åkestam, a researcher with in advertising, was recently a guest of theirs and she talks a lot about being young and female in a male dominated industry and about her burn out and book "Meningen med hela skiten".

A last thought

letthe_monsters_see_you_smileThe best revenge on anything is really to be happy. So get out there and show that grin to the world! (And if you're not feeling happy, you can always check out this pinterest board with fluffy animals before you head out. Works like a charm.) Have a nice Monday!


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Monday pepp & tips links

Monday, vrooom! Feels like it always goes so fast, here we are again. And here are this week's tips links.

How to create a color palette - tips from the expert


In my concept class I have to create several color palettes, for my own brand and for the collections. I found this interesting link on WGSN (the trend bureau EVERYONE in the fash biz pays large amounts of money for the latest news in trends.) where Jane Boddy explains how she works with color palettes. She has 20 years of experience, lots of great free advice there.

Storage tips for the Studio

Either if you're crazy about crafts or need to have tons of glittery stuff for professional reasons like me (yay, job perk!) it's always nice to have your magic knick knacks in place, neat and tidy. Saw this useful tip about organizing your creative space at Apartment Therapy. Dreaming about a home office or studio like this!


5 things all successful women have in common

A few tips about success from Career girl daily to take note of. Especially the one about having a mentor, I think it's crucial. Here's another CDG article on finding that mentor!



Anne's character finds an unexpected mentor in Robert in The Intern (and if you haven't seen this feel good movie, do it now).

French Words


One of my favorite instagrams is French words - that daily posts funny/interesting words in French. This motivational quote will put an end to this week's tips post. Hope you enjoyed it!