Trying to go back to normal today after this weekend. PCA is open again so it's back to class for me, will be good to see classmates again. And there has never been a Monday more in need of some pepp and som happy links I believe. So here we go!

Louis Vuitton City guides

Louis Vuitton released their famous city guides on itunes as well, 1/3 of the price comparing to the real ones. AND the one about Paris is free! So let's keep on dreaming about Paris and planning that trip here and download the app in itunes now.

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Leave your mark

A book tip for the social media crazy ones (like me), Alizia Licht, former DKNY PR Girl, who created an online persona to sell the DKNY brand spills her tips and secrets to leave your mark, land your dream job and rock social media.


Drivet podcast with Nina Åkestam

Drivet is a new Swedish podcast that focuses on women in their careers. Nina Åkestam, a researcher with in advertising, was recently a guest of theirs and she talks a lot about being young and female in a male dominated industry and about her burn out and book "Meningen med hela skiten".

A last thought

letthe_monsters_see_you_smileThe best revenge on anything is really to be happy. So get out there and show that grin to the world! (And if you're not feeling happy, you can always check out this pinterest board with fluffy animals before you head out. Works like a charm.) Have a nice Monday!