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Finals behind the scenes

Dagarna innan finals var ganska intensiva, det var en kamp mot klockan att få klart presentationen till utsatt tid för alla. Ateljén blir ganska (jätte) stökig och jag tog lite foton för att dokumentera denna ganska oglammiga sidan av att gå modedesign.

The days before final critique were pretty intense and there was a constant struggle against time to finish before deadline. The studio gets pretty (very) messy and I snapped a few photos to show this less glamorous side of fashion design 😉

Finals Paris College of Art

Borden fulla med tyg, golven ska vi inte ens prata om / Tables filled with fabric and lets not even talk about the floors

Finals Paris College of Art

Enda pausen man tog var antingen för mat eller koffein/nikotin. Jag som varken dricker kaffe eller röker drack min ranson av Cola zero.

/ The only breaks you took were either for food or caffein/nicotine. I don't smoke or drink coffee but had my fair share of Cola Zero.

Finals Paris College of Art

Två tappra klasskamrater i andra ateljén. Two dear fellow classmates hanging in there.


På något sätt blir man alltid klar till utsatt tid ändå, trots att man inte tror att man kommer klara det. Det är liksom magiskt! Lite sömn och mycket skräpmat blir det dock, så nu ska det verkligen tas igen under lovet. Kroppen var helt mör igår.

Somehow you always finish in time, even though it feels like it wasn't gonna happen. It's like magic! But sleep deprivation and a lot of junk food is the result, so I really want to take care of my body. I was totally knackered yesterday.


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Diamant bag project

Heyyy Saturday. You're not as foxy as usual. My neighbor had a party until 5 am this morning and I'm now on my way to school. 🙁 But only three more days to go now. I thought I could show you some more of what I've done in Digital fashion studio the last couple of weeks.

We had an bag project where the brief instruction was to design our own bag, think up a story around it, the technical drawings and colors and then also do a photoshoot for it. This is how mine turned out.


My campaign photo, imagined in a glossy fashion magazine. Sister helped med take this photo. Thanks sis!



The mood, quite glam and party focused. Was inspired by the mirror art that is popping up here and there within interior design and by precious stone shapes.





Materials. The bag would look really nice in black leather or mirrored plexiglass *heart emojis*. Anyone who wants to sponsor a bag startup? 😀




My first sketches and the first try out, made from an origami base.



I wanted to make a clutch in a different shape, something that would be a conversation starter and I feel I succeeded with that. I like how it turned out, I still need to add a colorway to that board and finish the technical specs. Accessory design is really fun and I'm going to take a course in that next semester, maybe I can make this bag come true 🙂

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Finals are coming

It's Friday, but in my world right now it is not a matter of tgif, it's more like wtf - is it Friday before finals already?!? 12 h shifts in school have been the method this week and let's not talk about how the weekend will look like (work, a lot of work).

But, on a positive note (cus that's all that matters) you get a pretty good overlook of all the things you've learned this semester. And it's a whole lot in my case. Yesterday I sat All day with my sketching portfolio, and although I'm not gonna be Da Vinci any time soon I'm pretty impressed myself with my learning curve.

We've covered the basics in sketching, such as drawing correct postures, faces, hands and feet, pleats, checks and stripes and so on. We've also done a few portraits "in the style of" different artists.

IMG_9012.JPGThe necesseties right now, vitamine C en masse and a podcast (Josefin&Vanja on repeat, or bloggbusiness). IMG_9013.JPGA portrait in the style of artist Julian Opie.  

From Viktor & Rolf's "The shirt collection". 

Anyways, off to work om today's subject, draping shirts!




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Draping class & French pastries

"Life of a fashion design student" could also be the title of this blogpost. Yesterday I went in to uni around 11, stitched up a dummy arm (yes, you have to have an arm when you're gonna drape a shirt and NO it's neither easy or fun) and at 2 pm started a draping class we had missed due to the teacher being sick.

Draping is however quite fun, I prefer it a thousand times over pattern making, which is very dry and flat. Draping a fabric on the form makes it so much more understandable. But it is also not easy and a lot of math goes in to it. Today we started draping the shirt which we're supposed to finish next week and then start our own design to finish within two days. Stressful? Ya.

We draped the yoke, the gatherings, the cuff and pleats.

Saturday drafting class & birthday drinks
Saturday drafting class & birthday drinksThis is what I came up with after 5 hours of draping. It does look a little like a shirt!

Our teacher apparently felt a little sorry for us for coming in on a Saturday night, so he brought us French pastries. The French are hard to beat in this area, I tell you that.
Saturday drafting class & birthday drinks

Saturday drafting class & birthday drinksI had the fraisier, a marsipan pastry with lovely vanilla cream and strawberries... Gah! Definitely made the class easier after that.




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Haute couture iphone

This morning we had a midterm critique for our Couture Craftmanship class project "Sensations" which will be sent in to the lace contest La fédération de la Dentelle et de la Broderie arranges next year. I had two ideas and one of them was a haute couture iphone cover and I wanted to show it to you.



Inspiration pictures from Alexander McQueen Couture collection Fall 2013
Couture Craftmanship - Haute Couture iphoneThe theme was "Sensations", which can be interpreted as the five senses and the reactions we have from them. I thought about our everyday life and that a lot of our sensations and impressions come from the smartphone and what happens on the screen.

Couture Craftmanship - Haute Couture iphoneI wanted to make a packaging for the iphone more beautiful and saw a gap in the couturiers collections. They do fantastic creations in clothes and bags but I haven't found a couturier phone. Couture Craftmanship - Haute Couture iphoneIn this class we've done a lot of experiments with lace and foil, resin and silicone finishes which is very interesting.Couture Craftmanship - Haute Couture iphoneIt may look tiny but many many hours goes into a small embroidery like this. BUT! This couture iphone idea was actually not very much liked by the jury. Sometimes a good idea isn't good enough. So I will continue with my other idea of the music and I will show you the results when the project is due. It's a hard knock life in the fashion industry 😉

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Paris College of Art – Couture craftsmanship

I wanted to show you what's going on in my class called Couture Craftmanship here at PCA. It's one of my favorite classes and very experimental.

Today we are bringing in our research file and inspiration for the contest we are doing together with the French federation of Lace and Embroidery. Lace is a very big thing here in France and there are a few Lace couturiers here in Paris that only work with lace. The theme for this years contest is Sensations. There are three categories to chose to compete in; fashion, art and product design. I have two different ideas, one about a lace candle and the second one about lace in music. Here's my mood board.


It's a lovely theme and I will update you on the progression of my products. Check out this site with even more inspiration about textiles!

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La vie Parisienne

la vie parisienneDet börjar närma sig, och börjar bli mer verkligt. Om lite mer än två månader går flytten till Paris. Gah! Vart ska man bo? Hur ska man bo? Vart KAN jag bo? Här cirklar tankarna just nu. Skolan, Paris College of Art, ligger i 10:e arrondissementet och det ska vara ett up and coming område om jag förstått det rätt. Lite andra långigt/söder i Stockholm-känsla med lägre hyror då det tidigare varit främst arbetarklass som huserat här. Jag har faktiskt dålig koll, vilket jag inte brukar gillar. Så har man tips är det bara att kasta över dem! Mottages tacksamt.

It's getting closer, and it's starting to grow on me: the move to Paris in just about two months! Ah! Where should I live la vie Parisienne? How should I love? Where CAN I live? These kind of thoughts are quite extensive and exhausting right now. The school, Paris College of Art, lies in the 10th arrondissement, and it's supposed to be a quite up and coming area if I've understood it correctly. Kinda lika Långgatorna or South of Stockholm with a little cheaper rents since it used to be blue collars residing here. I can be misinformed here, I'm quite out of the loop and I don't like it. So if you have any tips on Paris, feel free to send them my way! It will be greatly appreciated.