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New Year’s Eve outfit

We went shopping when mom and sis were here (that's what we usually do on our trips: shop, eat pastries (fika) and walk a lot.) And it so happens I found my New year's eve outfit!

Lately I've been obsessing (more than usual) about fluffy pink light hues (probably due to a project on Marie-Antoinette in Concept development) and these pins are a few from my pinterest board. Prepping for new years and party!IMG_8952.JPG


I love this cheesy christma list I found from New York brand Kate Spade, it really is content marketing at it's best. I've checked off no 1 and 11 already 😀


IMG_8940.JPGAnd this is the Dress with a big D!!! Found it at Forever 21. The bag is from Primark and both happen to be early Christmas presents. Thanks family! The back is really nice with a deep cut V, but I'll show you when NYE arrives. Can't wait to dance around in this one!

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Shoe envy: Jonak x Wear Lemonade

I a typical Swede when it comes to dressing myself. I am quite simple in my taste and I rather go for the minimalism clothing and classic garments - maybe someone would even say I'm a tad boring from time to time. But there are a few areas where I don't mind going a little bit crazy, one of them being SHOES. When I stumbled upon this French brand Jonak's latest collab with brand/blogger Make my lemonade I was mesmerized. (Piiiiink and glittering shooooooeeeesss omg.)



pauline_darley1The boots might be a lil homage to Saint Laurent - but they're more than half the price. Give 'em to me!


The awesome sauce pictures shot by Pauline Darley.

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Sketch London

Weekendresan till London börjar falla på plats. Jag har fått biljetter till Savage Beauty och bokat det där bordet i galleriet på Sketch. Älskar som sagt inredningen, rosa och koppar - kan det bli bättre?DSGallery4 DS_gallery_2 DSGallery2 DS_gallery_1

Staff_UniformInredningen görs om med jämna mellanrum. Oscar hade varit här men då såg galleriet annorlunda ut. Toaletterna är dock de samma, med stora vita ägg som man går in in.

The trip to London is starting to form. Managed to get ahold of two tickets to Savage Beauty and book a table at Sketch. Can't wait!