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Summerburst Göteborg

Jag bar mer kläder än på nyårsafton på första dagen av Summerburst, men det var en jäkla tur för kallt blev det runt tolvslaget trots fingervantar. Vi hade åtminstone tur med regnuppehåll hela kvällen! Vi började med mat och drinkar hos Ina på avenyn, sen gick vi ned till Ullevi efter 20 för att lyssna på Afrojack. Tyvärr dog min telefon ganska tidigt, så har inga bilder från vare sig Axwell/\Ingrosso eller efterfesten på Port Du Soleil. Men kul hade vi. Ska ladda lite batterier här nu inför dag två!

Wearing more clothes than on NYE on the first day of Summerburst. Which turned out to be a clever choice, it was really cold around midnight even though I had mittens on. At least it did not rain. We started our evening at Ina's place on avenyn with dinner and drinks and after the clock striked eight we headed down to Ullevi stadium to listen to Afrojack. Unfortunately my phone died quite early on, so I've no pictures from Axwell/\Ingrosso or the afterparty at Port Du Soleil. But we had fun. Time to reload for day two at Summerburst today!   


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The balcony

Ta daa! The big balcony and rosé wine premiere was a hit! The two attendees were extremely happy. Felt like summer sitting in the sun until 19.30 before it started getting chilly. Never had a balcony before, it really is awesome.balcony balcony_premierechateau_clapiere_rosewineTried this rosé wine from Provence, it was approved. Very nice.luxbynightThe balcony in the dark with the christmas lights we found in Oscar's stuff. Cozy!

Right now we're packing for London tomorrow. Approx itinerary:

Friday: arrive at noon at Sanderson hotel. Take a stroll over to Grays antiques. Check out the Alexander McQueen exhibition at V&A around 15.00 (so excited!). Stroll around in Kensington. Meet up with Oscar's friend and dinner at London's only one star Michelin pub Harwood Arms at 20.30.

Saturday: Lunch at Burgers & Lobsters. Stroll around in Soho. Maybe watch the annual rowing boat race between Cambridge and Oxford on the river Thames. Dinner at Sketch.

Sunday: Afternoon tea at Brown's hotel. Fly back to Lux at 19.40.

That's the approx one. You never know what happens. Looking forward to it a lot!


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Rosé wine premiere

 There's a saying in Swedish that goes something like "you'll have as much fun as you make it out to be", and tonight I thought I would have a grand opening of the balcony and this year's rosé wine premiere. Cus that's fun and a little silly. So I sent a fancy invitation to Oscar and went to the store to shop some French Rosé wine from Provence and festive snacks and sparklers. The cashier did not even ask for my ID. (The shock! And cheaper than in Sweden, even though I went to some overpriced place!) And we bought furnitures for the balcony yesterday, and a lily plant. Very excited!

If you too want to make fancy posters like this I recommend the app Phoster. It's really nice.