Hello Monday! Slept pretty much like a baby this night which was well needed. I have had trouble of falling asleep, probably because of stress and new surroundings. Can't really get used to hearing everything my neighbor does (including singing opera, loud and for many hours). Guess that's part of life in Paris 🙂

So Mondays usually mean måndagspepp or Monday motivation. Here are a few links to things I recently discovered which hopefully you will like too and make your Monday a little nicer!

Laurel went to Versailles.

One of my classmates at PCA is Laurel Symone, a super talented fashion design student from Arizona. She does AMAZING dresses, put them on AMAZING models and works with AMAZING photographers. She just visited Versailles and took pics of the... yes amazing decor. You find her blog here, make sure to check out her work.

laurel_versailles_2 laurel_versailles

Podcast: Susanne Ljung interviews Kim Hastreiter of Paper Mag.

During this summer Swedish radio show Stil i P1 did a different version of programmes with interviews of big fashion stars like Acne's Creative director Johnny Johansson and H&M's Margareta van den Bosch. The interviews were although in Swedish but I really recommend them to Swedes. She also did a few in English, with Kim Hastreiter, Rob Halford, Suzy Menkes and Kanye West. I have listened to Kim's and Suzy's and I love them both. Extraordinary women being super inspirational. Find them here!

Book - Diane Von Furstenberg - The Woman I wanted to be.

I have been wanting to read this since one of my former colleagues at Gina Tricot put up a pic of her summer reading on instagram, deeply praising this book. So now, when I finally have my name on the door, I am ordering it from ebay. I worked with her clothes during the summer and I find her work very inspiring. A true businesswoman with a strong joie de vivre. Will come back with a review!


An app called Soon.

I got a tip on Facebook to download the app Soon (remember your future), a place where you can store all the things you want to do/read/see. I love the interface, so much nicer than just writing long lists in notes (which I do, a lot). The developers are from Stockholm and I think it's fairly new because some kinks are still needed to be worked out, but I just love the idea. You can also get new input by checking what's trending and you're supposed to be able to link it to your Facebook (which doesn't work for me, yet).



As always, I'm ending with a furry creature that melts my heart. Have a nice(r) Monday!