Yesterday we wanted to go out to eat here in Luxembourg. Some restaurants are closed due to easter holiday this week too, but we managed to find an open one and it was possibly the closest one too. Round the corner of where Oscar lives here in the area of Hollerich/Belair lies the restaurant Dogado. It's has French and Italian cuisine and a Sushi bar. Typical mix of everything in a Luxembourg kinda way maybe? We decided for Sushi anyways and ordered a mix of Nigiri and Maki rolls which was all in all 28 pieces. It turned out to be A LOT.

dogado_sushisushi_dogado_blog dogado_maki_nigiri dogado_luxembourg_sushi dogado_mirror_sushiReally nicely presented on a mirror. And super good salmon, we were stuffed and even got a doggie bag with us. The staff was friendly and did not mind our stuttering French. The interior could do with a touch up though, very beige and it smelled like an old hotel from the 80s. Like someone had previously smoked in there and now the smell had to be disguised with fragrance sticks. And the music choice for the evening was reggae, adding to the very broad spectra of nationalities already. The music is so important in restaurants but it is often overlooked. But all in all a nice first experience eating out here, can't wait for the next one!