My pink skirt in Draping class

This Friday I had a presentation of my pink skirt project in 3D design class. Under three weeks we worked on draping a skirt straight on the form, first in muslin and then we had to choose a suitable fabric. I went a little over board on an expensive cashmere but I did really want it to be pink.

Pink Cashmir Skirt projectI really like the shape and that the thick fabric makes it some what of a winter skirt.

Pink Cashmir Skirt projectDraping on a model is so much more understandable than working with flat patterns. You understand the shapes and its consequences a lot more.Pink Cashmir Skirt project As you might have seen I had a little breakdown earlier this week resulting in tea stains all over the skirt. They are still there, but at least they are harder to see now after a cold hand wash – cashmere is sensitive to washing so I did not dare wash it in a laundromat. At least now I know better than to transport any liquid together with one of my precious project in the same bag. You live and you learn. 😉 

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